September 2023

Cobermaster 3D Grating has been designed and developed to be used in various types of projects and products.

This material can be used in solutions for retail, homes, offices, facades, fences, garages, modular stands, packaging and more.

soluções retail 1

Retail Solutions

When we talk about this type of solution, we are essentially referring to the preparation of supporting furniture and shelving.
With this in mind, Cobermaster has developed small accessories that can be applied to the railing, making it possible to create personalized decoration solutions that can be adapted to any type and format of store.


One of the great advantages of our modular railing solutions is the ease and speed with which spaces and shelves can be reorganized. This allows chain stores to update their decorations without having to change the structural elements.
A practice that reduces waste and the opportunity to give new life to the product invested in over and over again. This not only saves money, but also helps to preserve the environment and natural resources.

At Cobermaster we offer all the technical support necessary for the development of each project, including the possibility of creating initial 3D designs.
Contact us so that we can create a project tailored to your needs!

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