August 2023

Common on oil rigs and industrial platforms, grating is a material that has existed for half a century in the form of boards. That said, our R&D team decided to reinvent it by turning it into a luxury product. A material that we are now using in architecture and interior design.

This is how the Three-Dimensional Grating by Cobermaster emerged.

soluções retail
BOOKCASE cabinet I ECLIPSE mirror I BLACK center table I STUDIO floor lamp

Firstly, we adapted the material from an aesthetic point of view. We chose to focus on developing three-dimensional manufacturing processes and new forms of finishing. In this way, we would obtain a final product of premium quality.

As a result of our investment, we developed two different three-dimensional grating processes:

Welded 3d grating:

Structurally similar to traditional gratings. However, it has the particularity of being able to take on all kinds of shapes: round, spherical, conical and others. It allows us to produce small and large three-dimensional pieces, combining design with exceptional structural performance. Ideal for three-dimensional façades, counters, garages, large sculptures, staircases, fences with round contours and retail solutions.

Foguetão em Gradil Tridimensional - Escultura
Cubo em Gradil Tridimensional com estantes para opções de retail
Special Project
Candeeiro de Teto em Gradil Tridimensional

Weldless 3d grating:

This type of railing is built using a totally innovative process without the need for welding. The entire structure is assembled using a fitting and crimping system developed by Cobermaster. It is therefore not subject to the warping and imperfections caused by traditional welding processes. Millimetre perfection, ideal for manufacturing all types of furniture, among other applications in the field of architecture and interior decoration.

Secretária em Gradil Tridimensional
Office Desk | PURITY
Candeeiro de Chão em Gradil Tridimensional
Floor Lamp | SAT CAT

Our grating is patented and its application in decorative elements is protected in dozens of countries.

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