Double Vase

The DIAMOND vase set was designed to give a natural and exclusive touch to interior and outdoor environments with two vases in different formats and finishes.


Dimensions: Length: 1100mm / Width: 300mm / Height: 350mm

Metallic Finishes

Textured Bronze

Old Bronze

Brick Bronze

Vintage Honey

Vintage Olive

Vintage Olive

Sand Beije

Sand Beije

Glossy Grey Metal

Aluminium Grey

Zinc Grey

Textured Midnight Grey

Pure Metal 5

Textured Black

Champagne Bronze

Champagne Gold

Champagne Silver

Pastel Old Red

Pastel Lipstick Red

Pastel Pink

Pastel Mint

Pastel 5

Pastel Forest Green

Pastel 6

Pastel Midnight Blue

Electric Blue

Electric Mid Red

Electric Pink

Electric Orange


Electric Lime

Varnish Racing Red

Varnish Orange

Varnish Lemon

Varnish Lime

Varnish Blue

Varnish Blue

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